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King also came up in Georgia at a seminal time in Atlanta sports: when Michael Vick was taking the NFL by storm.“I didn’t really care much about the team,” he said. NFL Jerseys China.“I think I watched more Michael Vick action than anything.”Vick was different. He was usually the fastest player on the field, had amazing commercials with Nike like “The Michael Vick Experience,” and became arguably the greatest Madden player of all time.NFL Jerseys Cheap.“He was just a beast, man,” King said. “I used to just love watching him play on the video game.”That, combined with seeing a family friend play in high school, sparked his interest.“I was like, ‘Man you know what, I think I want try to see what this sport’s about, it looks cool.’”King gave it a go, and it took him to Fort Valley State University, where he played under head coach Donald Pittman. He started as a wide receiver, but the team had plenty.Authentic Football Jerseys.After seeing King punt the ball as far and as high as he did, Pittman knew where he needed him.


But the coaches on that list averaged 10 wins per year because of the ability to minimize damage. Authentic NFL Jerseys. Lulls don’t mushroom into losing seasons. Discount Jerseys.Tomlin has mastered that part of coaching, flipping the field on the Steelers’ season with a three-game winning streak heading into Buffalo.Jerseys Sale Online China.Perhaps the infinite success experienced by Pittsburgh’s fan base over the past four-plus decades breeds an insatiable appetite for wins that no coach can adequately feed.Wholesale Jerseys.But the scope of Tomlin’s performance in Pittsburgh since 2007 is appreciated league wide, and he’s showing why in December, when he’s 9-1 in his past three seasons.

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