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Tom Brady didn’t need to play in the first four games of the 2016 season to compete for this year’s MVP award, so he doesn’t need the last three games of the year to win it.The Patriots quarterback laid claim to the award with his best game of his now nine-game season Monday night — a 406-yard, 3-touchdown performance against one of the best defenses in the NFL.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Brady is now 8-1 on the year while averaging 320 yards and two-and-a-half touchdowns a game with only two interceptions, total. NFL Jerseys China.He’s the best player, without question, on the team with the NFL’s best record, and at an age where most quarterbacks should be watching games on the couch, he’s having a downright merciless and almost unparalleled season.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.There have been only two quarterbacks in NFL history who have thrown for 20 touchdowns in a season at or after age 39 — Brett Favre and Warren Moon. NFL Jerseys Cheap.Brady makes it three, and his performance is the best of the bunch (though Favre’s’ 2009 was quite excellent.)

Beloved NBA reporter Craig Sager died on Thursday after a lengthy battle with cancer, a loss that was met with heartache and tributes from across the sports world.Cheap NFL Jerseys.Already appreciated for his style and sideline interactions with players and coaches, Sager gained a lot of admirers for the courage and determination he displayed while fighting the disease over the past two years.NBA Jerseys Cheap. One such admirer is Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate, who shared an image of custom cleats he says he plans to wear on Sunday when the Lions visit the New York Giants.Baseball Jerseys Cheap.The cleats resemble one of the (many) colorful suits Sager donned during his career. Prior to the cleats posting, Tate shared a separate tribute.As a concession to Osweiler’s obvious limitations, O’Brien had compromised the offense to reduce costly mistakes and rely more heavily on an overburdened ground attack.

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