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NFL Jerseys Cheap.The Dallas Cowboys are trying to do something this January that hasn’t yet been accomplished in NFL history. Nobody has made it to the Super Bowl — let alone won the big game — with a rookie quarterback under center. After 50 Super Bowls, we obviously have seen 100 starting quarterbacks, and while there have been players who were nearly rookies (like Tom Brady in 2001), no passer has finished his debut season in the NFL taking snaps on the game’s biggest stage.Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys.If I were a Cowboys fan, I’d probably hear that and be both worried and hopeful. Hey, 50 years of history is a long time and a pretty good sample size, and there have been a lot of fantastic quarterbacks to come up short without one future Hall of Famer even eking his way through. I’d also probably be suggesting Dak Prescott isn’t your typical rookie quarterback, with the phenom’s superior performance making him more like a third- or fourth-year star than a mere pro freshman.Cheap Football Jerseys.


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