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Football Jerseys Cheap.I went through every season since the AFL-NFL merger of 1970, which leaves out the first four Super Bowls, although they also don’t have any rookie quarterbacks. I picked out all the quarterbacks who started at least seven games (so a minimum of half the season going back to the 14-game slate) and threw at least 105 passes (for an average of 15 passes per game) and split them all up by the years of professional experience they had under their belt at the beginning of the campaign.Cheap Football Jerseys. So Prescott is a rookie, while Marcus Mariota has one professional season under his belt.For every year of players with a given level of experience, I figured out how many quarterback seasons it took to typically get a passer to the Super Bowl. There have been 152 qualifying second-year seasons since 1970 — that would be someone like Mariota this season — and six of those guys have made it to the Super Bowl, most recently Russell Wilson in 2013. That’s a rate of just under 4 percent, or one Super Bowl appearance for every 25.3 seasons.NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale.



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