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King didn’t idolize any athletes growing up, and still found the inspiration that led him to being the punter for one of the NFL’s best teams.Cheap NFL Jerseys. He has always done what he wanted, been himself, and had fun while doing it.It started on a playground in Macon, Ga., when King was in grade school. He and his classmates would play with a rubber ball on the playground.Cheap Jerseys. Kids would get together on opposite ends of the field, and the object was to simply kick the ball as high in the air as possible.“They got excited every time I kicked the ball in the air. I thought it was pretty cool,” King said.His gradual and growing interest in football had a few factors, one of which was his cousins.Football Jerseys Cheap.They didn’t play professional sports, but they were all great athletes that King played with growing up — whether it was with a bottle top covered in tape to make a ball or the little footballs passed out at Macon Knights games.


Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy, Joe Gibbs, John Madden, Mike McCarthy, George Seifert, Don Shula.NFL Jerseys Cheap.Those are the only coaches in NFL history to win 100 games in their first 10 seasons as a head coach. Mike Tomlin has four games to go from 99 to 100, starting with the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys.Since Tomlin joined the franchise in 2007, the Steelers’ 99-57 regular-season record is the third best league wide, behind the New England Patriots’ 122-34 record and the Green Bay Packers’ 102-53-1 clip.McCarthy’s and Tomlin’s combined 13-11 record in 2016 accentuates the difficulties of maintaining that success. Both coaches have faced challenges, particularly on defense. NFL Jerseys Sale China.Tomlin’s work over the Steelers’ four-game losing streak midseason was not his best.

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