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Why? Because, I believe, I’m an idiot. I didn’t upgrade iTunes to 11.1 before doing the restore. Since 11.1 is required for iOS 7, I got 6.1.4 and the chance to download 2.2 gigabytes of iOS data instead of just 900 megs. Glad I have the SuperTurboFireBlazerExtreme Internet package at home. However, restoring 360 apps via USB 2.0 is slow. Wholesale Football NFL Jerseys.So slow that I went to bed and finished updating the phone in the morning. And then I had it: iOS 7 in all its mildly parallactic glory. And it was good. Now that I’ve lived with the design for a couple of days, I must admit to really liking it.NFL Jerseys.Cyril gives the new design a hearty “meh,” but I’m a touch more enthusiastic than Mr. K. While I agree that this new iOS doesn’t break new ground in the seismic way the original iPhone/iOS combination did, I think that’s expecting too much at this point. The original magic of the iPhone wasn’t just what it did language and conform to the rules to the point where she doesn’t want to go home. NFL Jerseys China.Synopsis: I don’t usually like to read books if I’ve already seen the movie, but this book is much different from the 1999 film. The story is told in disconnected chapters, describing the two years that Kaysen spent at McLean Hospital after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder following a suicide attempt.

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Some of the dramatic moments from the film turn out to be completely untrue according to Kaysen’s memoir, but the message is the same. What is it that labels a person “crazy” and worthy of being locked up in an institution until they are deemed mentally stable? NFL Jerseys .Kaysen explores this in her book as a recovered patient of McLean, telling stories about herself and her fellow patients and sharing both funny and horrific stories about her life during these two years.Replica NFL Jerseys.Despite being a successful novel, it was not an easy to sell to studios, going through several companies, scripts and directors before finally being 10.HOT TAKE: King was sending a message by serving as the representative to speak to the Indianapolis media ahead of Saturday’s matchup between the Colts and Raiders. FURTHER SUBTEXT: All season, King has crept upon the turf of Colts punter Pat McAfee, who entered this season as the NFL’s unquestionable leader in CPP (charisma per punt). DEEP BACKGROUND: McAfee even took exception with this writer (um, that’s me) after I wrote earlier this season that King was “making punters great — not again — but for the first time.”I like to think that McAfee’s tweet revealed that King was on his radar.NFL Jerseys China.Consider Saturday’s showdown between the Colts and Raiders as the big stage for a royal rumble of punter personality. Two men enter the field, only one could walk away with the title of, um, COOLEST PUNTER. That’ll work as a placeholder.