Fun English Activities for Children

Such a wonderful world we live in where we can experience different people from all parts of the globe. We can learn their language, sample their culture and make new friends while dreaming of one day visiting their country.

Children eagerly embrace learning new things especially when it includes fun activities and games for kids as part of that overall learning experience. We all know kids learn by doing, so anything we parents and care providers can do to help that along is beneficial for everyone.

  • Communication Barriers

While meeting people from different lands is exciting and promotes great social relationships, it’s important to be able to communicate efficiently so that misunderstanding doesn’t come between us and our friendly exchange of ideas. One of the ways parents can help with this is to engage their child in fun English activities for children that include:

  1. Flash Cards: These have simple English words printed on them. A game to place these words on items around the house can be a fun activity complete with a small award if it is correctly placed.
  2. Coloring Pages: These are visual aids to expose the children to what the item is and its English name.
  3. Songs: Songs sung like the alphabet song, rhymes that use English numbers and colors are just examples of how this fun activity can promote English.
  • Educational Barriers

When parents from other countries come to English speaking countries and do not have at least a basic vocabulary of English words to work from, communication with their children’s teachers and medical staff is nearly impossible especially if there isn’t an interpreter on duty to help with that.

Teachers are excellent resources for using fun learning activities and games for kids that promote learning English while maintaining their mother tongue; they are also excellent resources if you’d like to help your children learn English by providing bi-lingual materials that you can use to teach yourself the language as you teach your children or help them understand their homework.

  • Resources for Learning English

The Internet is one of the easiest and efficient resources for learning English not only for you but for your children as well. You can research programs, classes, books or materials and, most importantly find fun and engaging activities for your children to do to help strengthen their newly learned English words.

There are free or low cost classes held at adult schools and community colleges that teach English as a Second Language (ESL) that is beneficial for parents who come from other countries to take because they enable you to practice your skills and then pass them on to your children.

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